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Shanghai Qihua, the builder of floating bridge, will attend in the National Water Scenic Area Expo

Have you ever seen the legendary lightness skill of floating on water? Do you want to walk on the water like on land? The scenes in the martial arts novels are no longer just legends. The floating products on the water are growing stronger and stronger. Today's floating products can be used to build yacht wharf, water stage, water leisure wooden house and other water projects, which is of great significance to promote the construction of water amusement facilities in Water Conservancy Scenic Area. As a manufacturer of floating water products with many years of production experience, Shanghai Qihua announced that it will attend the 2016 National Water Scenic Area Expo. Shanghai Qihua is a professional water engineering company is known as "combined modular floating platform", has been widely used in various scenic spots, major sports events in China, rivers, lakes and coastal tourist areas. A series of successful cases have been obtained the praise of customers. Shanghai Qihua's products are widely used in a series of water projects such as water platform, yacht wharf, floating bridge, water leisure platform,  Floating Wharf, sightseeing platform, water restaurant, water park, water wooden house, water stage, bathing beach, water swimming pool and water facilities, etc.

Shanghai Qihua always adheres to the tenet of "people-oriented, technology leading, quality first, and honest development". we have a team of professional designers who are constantly innovating, and cooperates with design institutes with research and development ability of water engineering projects to develop new technology, new materials, new construction processes, etc., so as to provide customers with project planning, design, construction, management, high efficiency and quality Volume of integrated services.

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