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Zhaotong: making Suijiang bigger and stronger

In June 2015, Yunnan Suijiang Jinsha water park contracted by Shanghai Qihua will officially open to the public on August 8. The project is based on the water resources of Jinsha River, with the swimming project as the engine, leisure and entertainment as the core, to build a first-class and well-known water park in China, which integrates the functions of swimming in the river, water leisure, water recreation and water vacation. The project includes professional swimming track, adult swimming pool, children's swimming pool, water bar, recreation room, tourist service center, water recreation (water bumper boat, water slide, small rock climbing, seesaw, etc.), speedboat, motorboat, hot air balloon, water parachute, etc. The project is located in the water area of the middle section of Longhu Road (the junction of area BC) in Suijiang County, accounting for 65 mu of water area.



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