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Shanghai Qihua's 700MW capacity to build the World's Largest Floating Solar Power Plant

As we all know, photovoltaics in western China have encountered serious power curtailment problems due to interweaving of construction scale, local consumption, and power grid support. Whether China's overall photovoltaic 13th Five-Year Development Goal can be completed will produce many variables. Recently, China's first forum to discuss the "water floating photovoltaic" project was held in Hefei. It is reported that this distributed photovoltaic project built on the water surface has attracted more and more attention from Chinese and foreign companies. As an important supporting platform for water surface photovoltaic power plants, floating platform is an important link related to the normal operation of the entire photovoltaic power plant. At present, the full life cycle of a photovoltaic power plant is 25 years, and the floating platform must have good corrosion resistance, low density, frost heave, wind wave resistance, etc. to match it.

The reporter understands that Shanghai Qihua Waterbprne Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of floating products on the water. It has many years of experience in producing floating products on the water and is also a professional floating engineering construction company integrating R & D, design, construction and sales. In addition, the company has passed ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system certification, CE certification for export to the EU, SGS environmental testing and other certificates.

It is reported that Shanghai Qihua's company's floating products sell well in 31 domestic provinces and municipalities, and provide water floating solutions for many well-known sports events, expositions, and famous scenic spots. For example: the 14th FINA World Championships (Shanghai 2011), the 2000m leisure pontoon on Heixiazi Island in Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang, the 3rd Asian Beach Games (Haiyang, China), the high-end yacht terminal at the Super Five Star Hotel in Huzhou Nantai Lake, the pontoon bridge of Hilton Hotel in Hangzhou Qiandao Lake, Hangzhou Xixi Wetland Park Cruise Terminal, the 8th China (Chongqing) International Garden Expo Park Water Board, China Kunshan Dragon Boat Open, Jilin Linjiang National Winter Swimming Games, Yacht Wharf of Xi’an Daming Palace National Ruins Park, Floating Wharf for China Maritime Supervision Unit 10, Hebei Shijiazhuang Large Water Park, Yacht Wharf for Binhu Park in Hefei, Anhui, Floating Wharf for Hainan Boao Golden Bay (Sea).

The company president told reporters that it was precisely at home and abroad that, based on the development and needs of the domestic floating photovoltaic market, combined with the company's many years of experience in the production and installation of floating products on the water, and in conjunction with Shanghai University, it successfully developed better performance and use the new polymer polyethylene buoys for the new generation of aquatic photovoltaic power plants with longer life span, and have obtained several national patents. It is reported that the service life of this product can reach 25 years, and it has stronger anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-tensile, compressive and other capabilities, which effectively solves the problem that the investment risk of the floating products made of traditional polymer materials cannot be controlled due to the lack of service life.

At present, Shanghai Qihua has invested RMB 60 million yuan to introduce advanced equipment on the basis of the existing production scale, expand production capacity, carry out large-scale production, and reduce the investment cost of waterborne photovoltaic power plants to meet market demand. The product has successfully passed the inspection of Shanghai Plastic Products Quality Inspection Center. Its environmental standards can reach food grade and can be used in water source protection areas. It is expected that the annual production volume can reach 700MW, becoming the world's largest supplier of photovoltaic floating pontoons in water.

At the Fourth Photovoltaic Exhibition held in Beijing on March 29-31, 2016, Shanghai Qihua will bring this product to this exhibition to bring reliable solutions for enterprises investing in waterborne photovoltaic projects.

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