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Floating Park of Hongshui River in Luodian won two Guinness records

Floating Walkway of Hongshuihe Recreation Resort Sets Guinness Record

The Hongshui River originates from Maxiong Mountain in Zhanyi County, Yunnan Province, and flows through 65 kilometers of Luodian. It is a golden waterway for the survival and development of Bouyei and Zhuang people in Guizhou and Guangxi provinces. The endless rivers have also brought the wealth given by nature-tourism development.

The floating amusement park has 5 core tourist attractions: the world's largest water floating walkway, China's largest floating pool and floating water park, China's only peninsula luminous botanical park, Guizhou's only tropical botanical garden, and a national water sports tourism and leisure base.

From the aerial view, this is the world's longest and longest floating walkway on the water, like a giant butterfly flying over the river.

The first phase of the floating walkway is about 3.7 kilometers long and 8 meters wide. It has broken the current Guinness World Record for the length of the floating walkway. The Government of county is also applying for Guinness. This is built by Shanghai Qihua using materials such as special anti-aging patent pontoons and special connection accessories for high-molecular high-density water projects.  

"How much weight can the pontoons bear?" The reporter asked.

Cen Guangshun, deputy director of the Party and Government Office of Hongshuihe Town, introduced that the total area of the floating pontoon is about 54,000 square meters, consisting of 239600 pontoons with a length of 50cm, a width of 50cm, and a height of 40cm, and four pontoons consisting of 1 square meter, with a maximum load of 350 per square meter, "It is equivalent to seven people with 100 kilograms standing on a small board at the same time.". He introduced that there are also exclusive "secret tips" in the aisle. The floating walkway is fixed by underwater cross anchoring. When the water level changes up and down, the floating walkway can freely float up and down with the water level drop without manual adjustment and without drift. At the same time, the walkway and the shore are connected by a movable approach bridge, which is convenient for tourists to get on and off the plank road.

A landscape spray device is set every 200-300 meters on the floating walkway, allowing tourists to dream of looking at the floating islands of distant water plants. Since it takes half an hour to complete the whole journey, the park has set up electric car interchange points at important traffic points and landscape points, so you can rest at any time.

Walking to the river bay, the floating walkway presents a graceful shape. Some people call it “petal”, but Cen Guangshun prefers to call it”butterfly wing”. "The wings of the four butterflies are different from each other, and there are water parks, water pools, central venue stage and water sports base." Under his guidance, the reporter saw these water functional areas. In particular, there are 5 water swimming pools (including one international standard competition swimming pool), which are different in size and depth. The wonderful color matching makes people feel amazed Incredible.

The floating water park, which includes water activities such as  Inflatable playground equipment, motor rowing and more than 200 sets of water entertainment facilities.

China's only luminous Flower Botanical Garden

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