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CCTV1 and Phoenix News Report "steel structure sightseeing floating bridge" on Spring Festival——Nanchong’s "impression of Jialing River" cultural and creative floating bridge made a stunning appearance

There are two large floating boat-shaped steel structure cultural and creative floating bridges on the Jialing Rive in Nanchong. The floating bridge was completed and put into use before the Spring Festival in 2019. During the Spring Festival, there were many visitors, and more than 12000 tourists were walking on the floating bridge, sometimes queuing up for nearly an hour and a half. Both floating bridges were the same. CCTV-1 and Phoenix News broadcast live on the Spring Festival. The project is built by Shanghai Qihua with 180 steel floating boats. The upstream section is 600m long and 5.1m wide, and the downstream section is 450m long and 5.1m wide. Four sightseeing platforms are designed to withstand the 50 year flood and 15m water level drop.

Sichuan is a major tourism province. The cultural and creative floating bridge across the Jialing River, which we Shanghai Qihua are dedicated to, has rapidly became famous. It is not only a landscape floating bridge with high safety performance, but also a cultural and creative floating bridge. It integrates sculpture, painting, intangible cultural heritage, night scenes and light, which is beautiful and integrated into local culture. The local cultural characteristic elements, such as Bainiudujiang, fishing boat silhouette, qianfulaqian, Fengshui Taiji map, intangible cultural heritages, such as “chuangonghaozi” of Jialing River, Longchuandiao, etc., are colorful in the pontoon design, highly praised and appreciated by the local government, citizens and tourists. Mr. Yang Hongbo, vice governor of Sichuan Province, paid a visit to the floating bridge site and gave us a high evaluation.




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