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Construction of a "water power station" in the coal-settling area

Did you know that PV plants can float on water? This new "playing method" not only makes full use of the vast water surface resources, but also has the advantages of fast construction, few disturbing factors, unmatched cleanliness, etc. In Shanghai, an Anhui entrepreneur has been working diligently for more than a decade to put this idea into practice and do the best in the industry.

The morning of May 10, reporters came to Shanghai Putuo District Greenland hechuang Building, walked into the office of Kong Fei, chairman of Shanghai Qihua Water Engineering Construction Co. As a native of Anhui Province, Kong Fei came to Shanghai in 2003 after graduating from university to start his own business. For more than a decade, Kong Fei has worked his way up from the initial design of landscape wooden structures to become a leading company in China with a comprehensive professional water floating system project integrating R&D, design, sales, production, construction and operation and maintenance.

"At the end of 2014, I started working on an in-water PV project." Kongfei said. The company was founded at the beginning, then undertake the landscape stack road and other wooden structure projects, due to the water level changes, many customers want to solve this problem, this demand inspired Kong Fei, so he began to do water floating body project, and from the water floating bridge, marina, expanded to the floating park, and then to the water floating photovoltaic power plant project. 2015, Qihua built China's first water photovoltaic floating power plant.

China is rich in water resources, is one of the world's many lakes, there are more than 20,000 lakes in the country, a total area of about 90,000 square kilometers, broaden the application of photovoltaic power generation, the development of water photovoltaic power plants can be released from the land factor. The National Energy Board clearly put forward, the southern multi-water areas to promote water photovoltaic power plants have great potential. In recent years, Anhui Province has actively promoted the construction of two water surface PV demonstration bases in Huainan, Anhui Province, opening up a new world for the development of PV power generation.In 2016, Qihua participated in the construction of the world's largest floating PV power station on water at that time in Huainan, Anhui Province."At present, Qihua has successfully built more than 400 floater projects and more than 10 floating photovoltaic power plant projects on water in different regions at home and abroad." Kong Fei told reporters, the water floating photovoltaic power station project mainly includes Anhui Huainan, Huai Bei coal mining subsidence area large water floating photovoltaic power station, Anhui Wuhu, Jiangsu Yancheng large water floating photovoltaic power station, and Vietnam large water floating photovoltaic power station.

What's the one thing that's so far ahead of the curve? "Continuous technological innovation and integrated development of industry, academia and research." Kong Fei said while taking out a thick pile of patent certificates, Qihua now has 91 patents related to water engineering floats and floating PV floats and systems in water. "We have been working with universities such as Fudan University and Shanghai University to develop polymer material formulations to achieve antioxidant, freezing and cold resistance properties, extending the life of water-engineered polymer composites from the previous 15 years to 25 years, There's also ongoing development of water engineering projects in different materials such as steel and aluminum structures."



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