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General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected the scenic spot of Chagan Lake in Jilin

Chagan Lake has various resources and is uniquely endowed with more than 600 million cubic meters of water. It is the largest natural lake in Jilin Province. Since Liao and Jin dynasties, the emperors of all generations have visited Chagan Lake for "Xun Xing" and "Fishing and Hunting", and held "First Fish Banquet" and "First Goose Banquet". On August 1, 2007, Chagan Lake was listed as a national nature reserve with the approval of the State Council. The fishing and hunting culture marked by Chagan Lake winter fishing has become one of its cultural heritages. The lotus sightseeing pontoon that our company Shanghai Qihua created for Jilin Songyuan Chagan Lake scenic spot, is also a highlight of Chagan Lake scenic spot.

General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Songyuan City,  Jilin Province from Qiqihar on September 26 to Chagan Lake to learn about ecological protection. He took a boat along the way to inspect the protection of waters and pollution prevention, stroll and watch the lotus flowers on the large water pontoon constructed by our company, and stop on the floating pier to watch the fishing operations of the fishermen. General Secretary Xi Jinping had a cordial conversation with the employees of the fishing ground. He emphasized that Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. The protection of ecology and the development of eco-tourism complement each other, and this method must be solidly carried forward. He wished everyone "there are fish every year and sufficient every year". We are proud that the floating bridge constructed by Qihua in Shanghai can provide convenience for the general secretary to carry out water investigation in Chagan Lake scenic spot!


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