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The longest holiday of 2017 is coming, please try the “qinggongshuishangpiao” on the longest floating floating walkway in the world

Mountain and lake city jade capital Luodian

Speaking of the boardwalk, what we usually see is the glass boardwalk that hangs on the cliffs and some wooden boardwalks for scenic walks. Today, we recommends a new, different floating walkway to everyone. 

Looking down at the Hongshui River Floating walkway from the sky is like a colorful giant butterfly floating on the river. Floating Boardwalk of Hongshui River in Luodian has passed the Guinness World Records certification and won the "Longest Floating Walkway" Guinness World Records title. It is the longest and largest water boardwalk in the world. This floating walkway is composed of 239600 pontoons. The safety cable is 151400 meters long, the safety fence is 11550 meters long, and the total length is 5.13 kilometers. The comprehensive use area is 100,000 square meters. The floating plank road is fixed by underwater cross anchoring. When the water level changes up and down, the floating plank road can float freely up and down with the water level drop, without manual adjustment and no drift. At the same time, the walkway and the shore are connected by a movable gangway, which is convenient for tourists to get on and off the walkway. The floating walkway is equipped with landscape spraying devices every 200-300 meters, allowing tourists to dream of looking at distant floating plants floating islands. Since it takes half an hour to complete the whole journey, the park has set up electric car interchange points at important transportation points and landscape points, which can be rested at any time, which is very intimate.

Walking on the plank road, it just like walking on a wooden bridge smoothly. While walking, you can enjoy the scenery of Hongshui river, with a unique flavor. In addition to the world's largest floating water walkway, there are also tourist attractions in the park, like China's largest floating swimming pool and floating water park, China's only peninsula luminous botanical park, Guizhou's only tropical botanical garden, water sports tourism and leisure base. Floating water park, with water activities such as inflatable entertainment device, motor rowing and more than 200 sets of water entertainment facilities, which is simply a paradise for pleasure. If you like excitement, here can also satisfy your desire to be a "flying trapeze". In the Hongshui River Scenic Area, there is a park camp full of palm trees and a kingdom with various tropical and subtropical banana plants, full of exotic flavors.

Beside the lake bank around the floating walkway, there is also a luminous flower sea botanical garden, the only Peninsula luminous Botanical Park in China. In the botanical garden, there are a large area of bamboo forest, ancient maple tree, peach blossom forest and other unique trees. At the same time, in the gentle slope area on the edge of the island, there are many tropical flowers and plants, such as roses, peonies and lilies, which are colorful. Especially at night when the lights are on, all kinds of plants are more beautiful and unusual under the background of various colors of light and shadow. When the night comes, the lights come on. All kinds of lights decorate the place like a painting, like a paradise.

All kinds of buildings here are of different styles, but they are perfectly integrated and very beautiful. The gate of the scenic spot has a unique shape and a unique tourist center. There is also a starry room, a transparent device, which is integrated with nature. It should be a romantic thing to sleep here at night. In the tropical plant expo garden, you can also see a 40.8-meter tower in the distance. The Hongshui Pavilion is 7-story high, which is the best place to see the whole Hongshui river scenic area. It has a tower viewing platform and a tower front viewing platform. Standing here, you can see this beautiful scenic spot from afar. Below the tower is the dining area of the whole scenic area, or a "rainforest restaurant". Don't worry about not finding a place for meal when you come here.


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