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Design concept of floating walkway on Hongshui River in Luodian County, Guizhou Province

The floating walkway in the Hongshui River scenic area is the longest and largest floating walkway in the world, built by Shanghai Qihua in Luodian, Guizhou. The total length of the floating walkway is 5.13 km, the total area of the pontoon is 54 thousand square meters, and consist of 239600 pontoons (four different colors of red, yellow, blue, green and coffee), which is the polymer high density special anti-aging pontoon with patents. The pontoon size is 500mm*500mm*400mm, the average width of the floating walkway is 6m, and the service life can be more than 25 years. The whole project includes a water park, floating pool, floating plant island, integrated service center, water venue and water sports base with a comprehensive use area of 100000 square meters. The floating walkway of Hongshui River scenic area won two Guinness world record titles of "the longest floating walkway and largest floating water park in the world".

Design concept:

It is planned to respect the surrounding landscape pattern, construct the earth art landscape and create the "butterfly love Lake" integrating landscape and art without destroying the aesthetical patterns of mountains, waters and islands.  

Following the principle of project concentration, beautiful shape, perfect function, complete form, safe and practical, the design and creation of plane and space form of floating walkway were carried out. After several drafts, the scheme of petal shape was finally selected. Through curve composition, the scheme perfectly matches with surrounding mountains and islands, and meets the functional requirements of water extension of land activity space. The aerial view of the floating water park is like a blooming flower, or a dancing butterfly stopping in the Bay.

Project features:

1. The design form and color of the floating walkway fit perfectly with the surrounding landscape space

2. The planning fully considers the reserved pipe gallery space for strong and weak electricity, water supply, etc., and successfully solves the problem of the effective connection between the floating walkway and the shoreline steps in the settlement area

3, plan to introduce spray and other devices to effectively eliminate static electricity.

4. The form of the floating bridge and the lighting show at night are perfectly coordinated and unified, and the scene is shocking

5. From planning and design to implementation to ensure the successfully opening of the 10th Tourism Development Conference of Qiannan Prefecture, the construction only took three months.


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