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    Large 200MW Water Floating Solar Power Plant in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam
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    200MW Floating Photovoltaic Power Station Project in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam, is the largest single unit planned in the world, and the first floating PV power station in Southeast Asia. This project was awarded by our company directly with Vietnam National Power Grid through international bidding in fierce competition.

Large 200MW Water Floating Solar Power Plant in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam

The production and construction contracts of all floating systems signed by Shanghai Qihua and the investment owner separately. At the same time, the complete design of this floating photovoltaic power station: including the design of floating system, anchoring, detailed arrangement of photovoltaic modules, cable arrangement, inverter, junction box, the number and layout of substations and transformers, above detailed design drawings are provided by Shanghai Qihua. The first phase of 47.5MW of the first floating photovoltaic power plant in Vietnam we built which is the largest in Southeast Asia has been connected to the grid to generate electricity. The highest it generates is 380,000 kWh of electricity in July, which is 12% more efficient than traditional ground photovoltaic power plants. It is estimated that the investment cost can be covered in more than 6 years, which reduces 1.5 years compared to the original plan. It has been highly recognized by the owners and government leaders of the Electricity of Vietnam .

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