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Sichuan Nanchong "impression of the Jialing River" large cross-river landscape floating bridge

Sichuan Nanchong "Impression Jialing River" river


Sichuan Nanchong "Impression Jialing River" river large steel structure floating bridge ,started on November 2, 2018 by Shanghai Qihua , is the first and longest floating steel floating structure sightseeing floating bridge on water in China, made of 180 steel floating bridge, 90 specially made (12m span, 5m wide) steel structure bottom beam, 1200m specially made steel structure railings, lighting, high-grade outdoor special beyond wooden floor, and 300 sets of maritime special heavy iron anchors, can resist the once-in-a-century flood of Jialing River, and meet the river water level rise and fall within 15m without being affected.

In addition, these two floating bridges are both landscape floating with high safety performance and cultural and creative pontoons. The floating bridge is designed with local cultural features。

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