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Recently Prince Khaled of the United Arab Emirates visited Shanghai Qihua Waterborne Engineering Construction Co., Ltd.

On the evening of July 10, 2019, Sheikh Khaled BinZayed Al Nahyan Chairman, Prince of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, personally visited the headquarters of Shanghai Qihua Waterborne Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. A warm welcome ceremony was held by Shanghai Qihua, followed by a friendly meeting for exchange. The meeting was attended by Prince Abu Dhabi Khaled of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Kong Fei, Chairman of Shanghai Qihua Waterborne Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., Li Hongguang, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Global Co-Chairman of Zayed Group Asia Investment Company, Alan Wu, President of Zayed Group Asia Investment Company and President of Zayed Airways, etc. Prince Khaled believes that water projects have a vast global market and are highly attractive to overseas capital. Both sides reached a consensus in deep communication - integrating resources under the global strategy and collaborating to build a shared platform for sustainable development. The meeting ended pleasantly.

So, what's remarkable about this construction company focused on water engineering projects, attracting overseas guests?

A leading company in the field of water floating engineering

Shanghai Qihua Waterborne Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. is the earliest high-tech enterprise in China that develops and produces marine engineering floating systems and intelligent floating photovoltaic power generation floating systems. It has successfully undertaken more than 400 floating water body engineering projects and more than 10 floating water photovoltaic power stations project. The company has a number of industry firsts, including two Guinness World Records (the world’ s longest pontoon-5130 meters long and the world’s largest floating floating landscape amusement park-an area of 60,000 square meters, consisting of more than 239,600 Floating bodies), 99 patents related to water engineering floats and systems and floating intelligent floating photovoltaic floats (these R&D patents effectively solve the development of water travel in complex waters of natural water surface in rivers, lakes and seas, as well as the development of new energy on water Practical application problems) and many honors such as state-level high-tech enterprises, Shanghai "specialized and special" enterprises, and become a leading enterprise in the waterborne engineering industry, enjoying a high reputation in the industry.

Shanghai Qihua won two Guinness World Records large-scale water floating park projects. It is a water floating main venue specially created for the Tenth Tourism Industry Development Conference of Qiannan Prefecture. It takes only three and a half months for construction and water depth is 180 meters deep. A large water floating paradise project, built on 5000 mu of reservoir in Hongshuihe Scenic Area, Luodian County, Qiannan, Guizhou, with a maximum water level difference of 45 meters, can accommodate 30,000 people to play, swim, and night tour at the same time, becoming the industry model and the world's first, achieving the Hongshui River miracle, and setting two Guinness World Records.

Shanghai Qihua Nanchong “Impression Jialing River” built two large pontoon-style steel structure cultural and creative pontoons. It was completed on the eve of the Spring Festival. During the festival, there were crowds of people. More than 12,000 tourists walked along the entire pontoon. On the day of the Spring Festival, CCTV-1 and Phoenix News conducted a live broadcast report. Mr. Yang Hongbo, vice governor of Sichuan, also visited the pontoon to visit and guide the site and praised the pontoon.

Two large floating boat-shaped steel structure cultural and creative floating bridges built by Shanghai Qihua in Nanchong for "impression of Jialing River" were completed on the eve of Spring Festival. During the festival, there was a large flow of people. More than 12000 tourists walked along the floating bridge, sometimes queuing for nearly an hour and a half. CCTV-1 and Phoenix News broadcast live on the day of Spring Festival. Mr. Yang Hongbo, vice governor of Sichuan Province, also visited the floating bridge in person and praised the bridge.



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