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Qihua Inaugurated the World’s Longest Floating Bridge Stunning World

Luodian County is located in Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou. It has rich and unique tourism resources, and the development of the tourism industry is booming. In order to promote the vigorous development of the local tourism industry, and at the same time successfully host the 10th Tourism Industry Development Conference of Qiannan Prefecture, creating tourism highlights, Luodian County passed through layer selection and strict comparison, and finally Shanghai Qihua Water Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. ( Shanghai Qihua), with the comprehensive strength of the leading water engineering project construction, undertook the large-scale floating amusement park and water pontoon project of Hongshuihe Scenic Area in Luodian County.

With rich construction management experience, efficient and high-quality service, Shanghai Qihua used 5,000 acres of water in the Hongshui River Scenic Area, Luodian County, Qiannan, Guizhou Province, with a water depth of 180 meters and a maximum water level difference of 45 meters in just three and a half months. The total length of the water floating boardwalk is 5130 meters, the water floating amusement park is 60,000 square meters (consisting of more than 239,600 floating bodies), the water floating light music show is with 22,000 lights, consisting of more than 239,600 floating bodies, and won two Guinness World Records- -The longest pontoon in the world is 5130 meters long and the largest aquatic floating landscape amusement park in the world is 60,000 square meters.

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