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Kongfei, Chairman of Shanghai Qihua --Honored by the Merchant Oscar Hall of Glory!

On the evening of January 12, the 5th Anhui Merchant Academy Awards Ceremony officially opened at the Hefei Grand Theater. As the world’s largest and most extensive Huizhou merchant theme event, this award ceremony continues to inherit the innovation and perseverance of the Huizhou Oscar for ten years, bringing a passionate, infectious and shocking scene of Anhui merchant theme feast to the audience. Mr. Kong Fei, Chairman of Shanghai Qihua, was awarded the title of "Top Ten Hui Merchant Elites".

From the dock pontoon to the water floating park, from the water photovoltaic power plant to the ocean pasture, Kong Fei, chairman of Shanghai Qihua Waterborne Engineering Construction Co., Ltd., led the team with an innovative spirit to open up a new world in the field of water floating engineering. "Because it is a new industry that we have explored, we define it as the development of the water surface economy."

Turning back time 6 years ago, Kong Fei, who began to enter the water floating system industry from the construction of the dock pontoon, has tasted theups and downs of entrepreneurship.” At that time, the dock pontoon market was very limited. When the output value of our Qihua reached 30 million yuan, There is no space for improvement, but with the rapid development of the national economy, the market demand for marine engineering is increasing greatly.

With years of construction experience and R&D technology foundation for offshore engineering, Qihua was able to quickly enter the marine engineering industry. Under the leadership of Kong Fei, Qihua overcame the two high-tech problems of the intelligent floating system for water engineering and the floating system for photovoltaic power generation on water, and made the successful construction of cultural tourism and photovoltaic power station projects in the complex waters of natural rivers, lakes and seas.

"As of now, Shanghai Qihua has many industry firsts, including two Guinness World Records, 99 patents related to water engineering floats and systems and water-based intelligent floating photovoltaic floats and systems." Using water floating system technology, Qihua has successfully constructed more than 400 water floating projects at home and abroad, such as the main floating venue of the tenth tourism industry development conference in Guinan Qiannan Prefecture, the 65-mu large-scale floating comprehensive amusement park on the Jinsha River in Yunnan, the large cross-river steel structure cultural creative floating bridges on the subject of “Impression of Jialing River” in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, the large sightseeing pontoon bridge in Chagan Lake Scenic Area, the famous pontoon bridge in the beautiful Shiziguan Grand Canyon scenic spot in Enshi, Hubei, etc.


"We will carry out creativity and use high and new technologies to solve practical problems in the industry." Focusing on independent research and development and focusing on subdivided fields, Qihua has always regarded technological innovation as the source of enterprise development.

Qihua has also successfully built more than ten water floating photovoltaic power plant projects in the world. Among which, the 200MW world's largest single water floating photovoltaic power plant built in Binh Thuan Province, Vietnam. The first phase of 50MW was successfully connected to the grid for power generation in June 2019. The entire floating power plant After experiencing two typhoons of level 11 and 13 in September of that year, it remained safe and sound, and was highly praised by the relevant leaders of the Vietnamese government, the Vietnam National Grid, and the Vietnam Energy Bureau.

Combining innovation and high technology, under the leadership of Kong Fei, Shanghai Qihua’s future development of the water engineering industry brings unlimited possibilities.

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